What is NDT?

NDT is Neuro physiological basis of Bobath approach addressing posture & movement problem related impairment based on movement science using key points of control to improve the quality of Life. It mainly focuses to improve the functional ability & Performance of the child to become functional independent.

It is a popularly used approach in worldwide is treating the child with cerebral palsy to get the better result very quickly. It is very effective in early intervention program for 0 to 4 years of child.

Neuro Developmental Therapy address every aspect of child's development such as physical, cognitive, perceptual, psychological and social aspects. Transfer of skills in to daily living activities through home management program by the parents under the guidance of NDT therapist enhance to organize the motor behavior [motor control, motor learning, and motor development].

Who can get benefit from NDT Treatment?

Individuals who have minimal to severe brain lesiors [poor head control, trunk control, sitting balance, standing ability, frequent falling, abnormal walking, toe walking] can benefit from the NDT treatment.

Treatment for

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