Really it help my child to bring up. My baby communication improves a lot. More listening skills got developed. Service level is excellent. My baby eye contact communication skill I can see a drastic change with in 3 months of training. Help in building her social skills.

Nithya Govindan

My daughter not able to speak and no eye contact. We took therapy in this center. Now she is speak better and good eye contact. We have seen lot of improvement i am full satisfied with the ot and speech. Dr. Palanivel is very good person to understand our child and giving the best result.

Shri Priya

My son was not able to walk when he was 1.5 years . We took theraphy in this center and now he is able to walk properly. He is also hyperactive but now we see that he is improving day by day. Best theraphy center for kids.

Radha Kanakaraj

We came to know about this centre, through one of my friend. Really awesome. My son who s 4 years old now, who had few development delays, which have been overcomed now. We have seen lot of improvement on him. He speaks well now, and he had some challenges in fine motor skill, and improving very well now.

Sarvambigai K

The Clinic provided adequate support and aided in the development of my son.

Harish Sreedhar

We came to know about the therapy centre while doing an online search. My son had a problem with speech delay, maintaining eye contact and little temperamental issues. I could see a difference in my son with in a month itself. He is improving day by day and we are really happy to see the progress in him. Dr. Pazhanivel is best at his work, his counselling to us as a parents has really helped us a lot and I am sure to many others parent's as well. The therapist gave regular feedbacks and the progress reports which had assisted us in understanding our son's need and behavior, we owe them for thier persistent effort in shaping and developing him further. The support staff is very supportive to suit our requirements and very flexible to accommodate our request about scheduling therapy slots. I would highly recommend this centre for Physiotherapy, Occupational and Speech therapy (They do have special education services and many other services, you can check online or call for more details).

Mahesh Dravidar

Have been sending my child here for 1 and 1/2 years for speech and occupational therapy..very good improvement on his speech and behavior..Progress review given once every 2 weeks..Caring, attentive and experienced therapists..Parents should also be realistic and patient with the child's progress and not expect "overnight" miracles..Giving steady therapy for the child yields excellent results for sure. It did for me.

Subhashini G

Good center for autism kids under 10 years. Occupational therapy is excellent with best improvement in kids behaviour.

Ramesh Babu

Occupational therapy is excellent with best tracking process. Kids growth is accessed regularly and kept parents informed.

radhika narasimhan

Very Good place for physiotherapy.

Komala R

Dr. Pazhanivelu having very good knowledge and experience,and his diagnosis is very accurate and provides necessary therapy to childrens. During the therapy dr.Pazhanivelu will guide the therapist. The therapists have been extremely patient with the children from day one. Therapist is very kind to children and treat them very well,and without fail they will provide monthly review. Reception Staff are very kind and helpful at the reception. In critical time they provide your convenient time slot. Parents have seperate neat place to wait until their childrens class are over and they have rest room for childrens and parents. They have good time management. Overall there is improvement in the child in a short span of time. In the last 2 years there is a very good improvement and changes with my child. we are very happy that we've joined in this therapy center. Thanks to Dr.Thiru Pazhanivelu, Therapist and Staff.

ramesh 2650

My son is getting OT and Speech Therapy for the last few months and we have seen an excellent improvement in him. Thanks to the Doctor and other trainers for making this happen. We have received good feedback from my son's school on the improvement of his behaviour and communication in the school for the last couple of months. Thanks to the Doctor and staff once again. Very good place for OT and Speech Therapy.

Vijay Allada

Best therapy for speech and occupational . Therapist are very caring .My baby also improving as he is now somewhat understanding & his behaviour also change.

yadvendra singh yadav

Yes can see with in 3 months noticeable change in my baby behaviour and drastic improvement in Eye contact. Started listening. Fully stastifised Thanks a lot to Dr. Pazhanivelu sir & therapist.

Shankar harikrishnan

My Son was not having Eye Contact,he used to speak one or two words but he stopped talking and he used to communicate with us only through actions post sever penumonia attack. Our Pediatrician in hometown (Nagercoil) whom we had a second opinion. referred me to Dr Pazhanivelu. He had evaluated my son and suggested Occupational and Speech Therapy. Within the first six months of therapy my son showed great improvement in Speech with Improved Eye contact. For last 1.5 years there is good improvement and changes with my Son I Strongly recommend this Therapy Center for Parents who are looking for speech therapy for their children.


The Clinic provided adequate support and aided in the development of my son.

Harish Sreedhar

You people will be remembered for life by many of the parents including us, for the kindness and dedication towards expanding the wings of the kids as it should be. Been there for nearly six months, I could see a steady progression in my kids development and we are more than happy that we did enough research and selected a right place for my kid.


I have been shocked and still when I came to know my son has some speech delays as we have been misguided by many doctors and therapist. Finally, to my fortunate I met Dr Pazhanivel Sir who is the only person to gave hope to cure my son. His positive approach, care for children was awesome. His words give us strength and survival. My son who never had any sound has now started to speak!! The center was built hygienic specially made for the sake of children and the receptionist was very calm, polite and determined and takes extra care for all the children. Their patience in talking to parents are awesome and it was really healing to us... The therapists are really very determined, soft to parents and clears off my doubts and give positive approach. They sets goals to each child and works with passion and love for child.. Dr. Pazhanivel is very talented in pediatric physio and neuro, polite and takes care of each and every child personally and monitors them. By his care and therapy my son is undergoing tremendous improvement day by day. My heartful thanks to Sir and his team!!!!

Vinadha P

My son had development delays and our pediatrician referred me to Dr Pazhanivelu. He evaluated my son and suggested to continue therapies. We have been giving him therapies for last 5 months and my son is showing great progress. My son was very aggressive and have attention deficit. After giving continuous therapy he started speaking, responding to our questions, improved eye contact and has calmed down. He is also showing great improvement in writing(English and Tamil). Dr. Pazhanivelu recently gave me a feedback and it was spot on. He had a very deep analysis of my son and his comments were very true about my son. The therapist at the center are doing great work. We could see their efforts from our son at home when he tries the things he learnt at the centre. I strongly recommend this center if anyone is looking for.


Great improvement and good interaction with parents and transparency of treatment.

Sasirekha Sathish Kumar

I felt as if my life had come to a standstill when my daughter was born with Erb’s palsy. I met many Doctors and all advised me only “Continuous stimulation is the only treatment for my daughter to recover from Erb’s palsy”. Running across Chennai we could meet Physiotherapist who treat adults only and Pediatric Physiotherapist were not available. Luckily we happened to see Mr Pazhanivelu and his team. He patiently listened to the conditions of my daughter and carefully examined her. He suggested the right exercises for my daughter and we are seeing her progress day by day. We have seen days when our daughter was not even moving her left hand and now we are feeling happy when we see her lifting her hands and throwing a ball. The therapists here are so friendly and very professional. I would recommend this place if your son/daughter needs a thorough evaluation or treatment. The front desk staffs are very efficient too; they are always there to help you whenever you need any help/support. If you're looking for a competent and kind physio for your son/daughter suffering from Erb’s palsy, I would highly recommend Pediatric Therapy Clinic.

Anand N

My daughter was not able to walk when she was 1year after we took therapy in this centre and now she is able to walk properly. So I am very satisfied

Vatchala Murugan

Doctor is very kind. Very polite and give necessary time to each to understand the issue with children and post deeper analysis suggest the treatment approach.


My daughter has been taking Speach and OT therapy for about 8 months and i have seen a lot of improvements in her speach and sitting tolerance. Thanks to the team for all the care and support.

jayanthi j

It is the best place for the child who needs the occupational & speech therapy. My son is gradually getting improved and I hope he will get well soon.

Venkatesan Arumugam

The best place for occupational therapy, speech therapy, and special education for early intervention kids ( below 7). I have tried other centers in Chennai for OT and special education. Was never satisfied with the outcome anywhere.. after a year in this center, my daughter has controlled her restlessness so much and have improved her attention span. Her writing skills has also gotten better. what I liked about this centre is the perfect assessment of the child and periodic review.. the trained therapists are eager in showing results and very amicable in giving and receiving feedback once in two weeks. The doctor Mr. Palani Velu does excellent assessment and he sets clear goals for the child's growth and works towards it. I highly recommend this center for excellent care and seeing early improvement.

Sevitha Ajay

A good place for occupational therapy and speech therapy. I found a good improvement with my child in 1 year.

Saras Balaji

Therapists are well trained, caring n co operative, well qualified doctor and the receptionist is also very co-operative.

Sandhya Arun

My girl child who had attention disorder earlier, is recovering very well now . I have seen tremendous changes on her. She used to walk on her toes earlier,now she is completely out of toe walking . She walks in her feet very well now. Therapy staffs here are highly trained and professional and very friendly. They clarifies our doubt and makes us clear . Finally Dr.Pazhanivelu sir , he is a very talented, polite, and calm person who clarifies our doubts and gives positive hopes. He takes of the child .He goes on rounding and monitors each student personally. Wishing you all success sir I strongly recommend that ,this peadiatric therapy centre is the best center in this area.


Karpagam B

We came to know about this centre, through one of my friend. Really awesome. My son who s 4 years old now, who had few development delays, which have been overcomed now. We have seen lot of improvement on him. He speaks well now, and he had some challenges in fine motor skill, and improving very well now.. I am very much satisfied with the speech and occupational therapist over there who are highly professional and very friendly and they are able to understand our child concern and giving the best results. And finally Dr.Pazhanivelu Sir, such a nice person who is the driving force of this centre. He clarifies our doubts and gives us positive hope and confidence. Wishing you all success sir I strongly recommend this therapy centre as the best therapy center in tambaram region. Finally am very much satisfied with my son's growth . Thank you sir

Sarvambigai K

Great improvement and good interaction with parents and transparency of treatment

Sasirekha Sathish Kumar

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